Multilingual Internet Marketing

Multilingual Internet Marketing

The Internet is becoming the dominant force in marketing particularly as pad devices and smart phones increase the ability of more people to be connected anywhere and at any time.The huge expansion of the internet has also meant that people are using it to market their products. One of the best ways to expand your marketing effort is by using multilingual SEO and marketing to reach a wider audience.
When you use our experienced team of South African multilingual marketing experts to help you to market in a range of languages you can maximize the return on your marketing budget. This allows you to promote your product or service more effectively to each market segment in their native language.

Multilingual content
Content is very important in your internet marketing effort. It is the basis of your sales message, interests site visitors and allows you to target key words and links that are very important to your overall marketing direction. When you have content available in multiple languages then you can appeal to a much wider audience at a low incremental cost.
We can help you by translating your existing content and by creating new content in multiple languages. This includes the major South African languages and foreign languages to give maximum flexibility in the audiences that you target.
Our experienced team can produce content such as articles, blog posts, web pages and product descriptions that will help your internet marketing in South Africa and around the world. Each piece of content is optimized for the language or languages that it is produced for so that it makes sense to the native speakers that are viewing it.

  • Multilingual articles
  • Multilingual blog posts
  • Multilingual web pages
  • Multilingual product descriptions

Multilingual SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to ensure that your web page appears in a high position when specific keywords are searched for. When multiple languages are targeted then you can increase your ranking in each targeted language being more visible to people searching in those languages.
This is a low cost way to bring more customers to your website and to appeal to groups of customers that other competing websites are not putting any marketing effort into. Multilingual SEO efforts are particularly useful in markets like South Africa where there are several widely spoken languages. Our experience in successfully using SEO to drive increased site visits in each language based market segment can quickly drive increased sales and place your brand in front of more people.
There has been a move to using multilingual marketing techniques to try and gain an advantage over traditional marketing techniques that target a single language. It also allows the use of other SEO techniques such as long tail keywords and researching keywords to maximize conversion rates. We can combine these into a campaign for our SEO service in South Africa.

  • More effective SEO
  • Lower cost SEO
  • Increased site visitors
  • Higher conversion rates

Multilingual Pay Per Click
Pay per click (PPC) can be a very effective way to advertise to your targeted audience to bring visitors to your website, create marketing leads and drive buyers to your landing pages. We can put together a multilingual PPC campaign that targets your selection of languages. This includes selecting keywords in each language, creating ads in each language and customizing web pages or landing pages to effectively handle visitors that are clicking through from the PPC campaign.
Our locally based multilingual marketing team does not just copy the same information from one language to another but customizes the keywords, advertising copy and landing pages. This is important because a keyword that is popular in English may not be popular in Zulu, Xhosa or Afrikaans. This also means that the advertising and landing pages need to be specifically targeted both to the keywords and the language being used while still conforming to the overall marketing structure.

  • Fast results
  • You select the languages
  • Customized for maximum effectiveness
  • Does not cannibalize traditional markets

Multilingual targeted email marketing
One of the great uses of PPC campaigns is to build a high quality list of potential customers that you can market to using targeted email marketing. This is a low cost way of building a group of prospects that can be regularly marketed to. We can produce marketing material that can be sent to the people on the list using specific languages that you are targeting.
This can be done by producing multilingual marketing material in the form of a marketing newsletter in several different language versions. We can produce a single document which has the required languages or several documents that each have a single language version of the marketing material included.
You might wish to send a single target email to everyone on the list or market by language using the information about the prospects' preferred language to only send the single language version to them. Trying both versions and comparing the conversion rates can help you to focus in on the best way to use targeted email marketing for your customer base.

  • Cost effective
  • Market to the list regularly
  • Single language or multi language formats
  • Newsletter and sales offer writing
  • Complete campaign services


We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.