Multilingual Voice Over

One of the areas that PoliLingua has expanded into is the voice over market. We have an extensive selection of high quality multilingual voice over talent available. The South African market, with its large range of languages spoken throughout the country, requires locally focused radio, television and Internet adds that address people in their native language. We can help by providing the best voice over services in South Africa.

Outsourcing your voice over needs
When you partner with PoliLingua you have a complete voice over solution where we provide samples that match your selection criteria in the language or languages that you need. When you are satisfied with your selection then we can take the script, lip synch cues and any other material that you have and deliver to you a complete high quality voice sample that can then be used as needed in whichever production channel you end up using.
This is a very cost effective way to get voice over talent in all of the South African languages and major foreign languages. You can use your production material in a wide selection of markets with the aid of our professional voice over services.
  • Lower costs
  • Access more markets
  • Customize language to each market segment
  • We take care of everything

Voice actors for any need
Our experience in providing voice over actors for many markets around the world includes a large number of Johannesburg voice actors that speak a range of local and foreign languages. They are available for a number of different assignments including advertisements and localization of international campaigns.
We also have experience working with partners in the film and television industry, game developers and Internet video producers. Each industry has different needs and we can produce the needed content in the format that best suits your production department’s needs. Our competitive rates and wide selection of languages has made us popular with many production companies that are based in South Africa.
PoliLingua is always looking for people including Cape Town voice actors and fluent multilingual people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. If you are interested then please send your resume and contact details to us. This can be a rewarding and interesting career that is enjoyable. It takes hard work and dedication but you can become the voice that is heard by millions.
  • The right people for your project
  • Advertisements
  • Movie and video production
  • Game development
  • Cartoon and animation voice acting
  • Wide selection of languages

Local voices engage consumers
The need for quality local voice over talent continues to expand because it is a low cost way to engage consumers in the local markets. We have found that our advertising partners that use local language voice over’s in their advertising can get a much more favorable response from the same marketing material. This is because when a native Xhosa or Zulu speaker hears the ad in his own language it impacts them to a much higher degree than an ad in English or Afrikaans even though they still understand the content of the advertisement.
This has been a very successful technique that many of the larger brands are using in the effort to increase or maintain market share in the rapidly expanding consumer market in South Africa. In many cases the same internationally used ad is just translated and produced in a number of local languages or dialects.
We are able to help with every stage of the process by translating the original ad message and then providing the local language version voice over that gives the same message taking into account language variations and cultural contexts. This complete end to end process saves time and money and allows locally produced content to be customized for a number of markets and for foreign content to be more effective in the local market place.
  • Local native speakers
  • Customized adds
  • End to end service
  • Culturally aware
  • High quality production

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