Translation services

Translation Services

The need for translation services in South Africa is rapidly rising as economic development and tourism increase the country’s visibility to the world. We have South African based translators on the ground in major population centres such as Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. These professional translators can translate South African languages including Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and English to and from all of the world’s major languages.

Business Translation Services
The continued growth of the South African economy means that many businesses from all around the world are seeking to enter the local market. Successful businesses in South Africa are looking for opportunities and partnerships throughout the African continent and in markets around the world. We can help your business by translating South African language documents to and from the native language in the new markets you are moving into. This allows you to both save time and money, as all of the needed information is available in languages that all parties can read and understand. Your business can benefit from our sworn translators from South Africa in the areas of:

  • Financial documents
  • Legal documents
  • Travel documents
  • Contracts
  • Registration documents
  • Taxation documents

Software and Website Localization and Content Service
One of the best ways to increase the market for your product or service is to localize it for the major languages that are used. This applies both to the South African market and the greater worldwide market, which software and websites are ideally placed to take advantage of. Software localization is a low cost way of extending the market for your software product to new markets. We can translate South African based software products from any of the varying source languages to your choice of major languages and dialects from all over the world. If you are looking to bring your software product to South Africa then we can localize to any and all of the major language groups used in South Africa. We can help you with software localization projects such as:

  • Educational software
  • Games
  • Productivity software
  • Specialist software
  • Windows software
  • Apple Mac software
  • Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows apps

The internet brings your company access to all parts of the globe and you can take advantage of our translators ability to not only translate your website to a new language, but also to produce quality new content for the new language website. This allows you to now have an affordable way to produce custom content aimed directly at your target market. We can match keywords in the target language and then ensure the website ranks well in major search engines with these keywords. Link building aimed at increasing your exposure in the targeted language can also be arranged. One of the best ways to increase sales in foreign languages is to use highly targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We select keywords and arrange for the PPC campaign and provide language specific landing pages to drive sales all at an affordable price.
Our expert translators can also create content for multiple language sites designed to aid SEO in each of the selected languages. This is important because each language will have different keywords that are appropriate to that specific language and target market. Examples of the types of content that we can supply for your website include:

  • Language specific articles
  • Multi-lingual blog posts
  • Press releases in targeted languages
  • Social media content
  • Targeted email content
  • Language specific landing pages

Consumer Translation Services

Our translation services can translate jobs of any size and we are happy to translate single page and small lot jobs for individuals. We have competitive pricing and experienced translators that will quickly return high accuracy translations to any language pair that you require. This can be useful to people that are travelling as in many cases visas, work permits and immigration documents require local language translations to proceed. Our sworn translators in South Africa can also provide official stamped certified translations that may be required by immigration departments in South Africa and in countries throughout the world. The wide range of languages spoken inside South Africa can mean that you may need documents translated from one language to another. Our locally based translators can translate Xhosa to Afrikaans, Zulu to English and many other language pairs commonly spoken throughout the country.

  • Travel and Visa documents
  • Work permit and employment documents
  • Contracts
  • Marriage, birth and death certificates

PoliLingua is committed to the highest quality translation services for individuals, businesses and organizations inside South Africa or that are looking at coming to South Africa. Please contact us to discuss any translation needs that you have. We can offer you affordable rates and fast turnaround from professional expert translators.


We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.